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Audiophile communities


Audiophile is a term used to describe person who is obsessed with high-fidelity audio reproduction. Audiophiles not only invest large sums of money in Hi-END audio hardware, but also meticulously prepare audio tracks, customize their Hi-Fi systems, and tweak every tiny detail to achieve the perfect sound.

Audiophile communities can be divided into subgroups based on the following criteria:

  1. Attitude

    Some communities focus solely on the quality of audio output regardless of used testing methodology. Others take more scientific approach to producing the best audio quality possible.

  2. Technology

    Technology choices also play a major part in audiophile communities. Some embrace all the new technologies and solutions and experiment with them, while others see them as inferior to the good old analog technologies (vinyl records and vacuum-tubes).

  3. Hardware

    Some communities tend to optimized their hardware based on price, while others see the price mark as a non-issue and pursue to upgrade and tweak their systems no matter the cost.

Audiophile communities differs in many aspects, and often times openly engage in near-religious wars on certain audio-related issues to prove superiority of their approach. Audiophiles are sometimes seen as weirdoes, mainly due to their claims balancing dangerously on the thin line between science and myth, producing “facts” that in most cases have been debunked by scientists.